Have you lost your sexual pleasure?

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Was it there one minute and gone the next like a lightning bolt? Has it sunk faster than the Titanic? Did you used to have spontaneous sex in every room of your house and now only use the couch to watch television and the dining room table to eat of off?

More importantly, are you grieving this loss, even if you don’t understand how it happened? You are not alone. There are thousands of women out there who have the same problem. Their za za no longer zooms.

People stop getting pleasure from sex for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is a deep problem in the relationship and it manifests itself by hijacking your sex life. Getting the relationship back on track, sometime with the help of therapy can help in these situations.

Many women stop enjoying sex after they go through childbirth. Let’s face it; the vagina goes through major changes when pushing a new life into the world. What was once tiny and tight is now big and loose. Pregnant women often express concern at how their vagina will look and feel after delivery.

Women who go through menopause have some vaginal changes as well. The vaginal walls become thin and lose elasticity making them loose and atrophied.

In both cases, menopause and childbirth hormones having a mind of their own can cause vaginal dryness, which can make sex painful. Painful sex makes for less sexual desire and a drop in libido. Seriously, if sex is going to be dry, painful and things may not fit together as tight as they once did, would you want it? Not likely. Instead many women avoid it. It is just easier to forget about sex than to try to find a solution.

But there is a solution and its name is living naturally and adapting your own lifestyle that reduces the norm, as in stress. Communication with your partner is also recommended.