Reasons Why Handmade Soaps are Better

Nature Forest and Wilderness

Yes, everybody knows that products that use naturally sourced organic products and additive-free ingredients handmade soaps are great for our health, and the environment, and also the amazing communities which support the artisans. I’m not going to make this into another run-of-the-mill post extolling the virtues of natural luxury skincare and magically scented handcrafted soaps, and will stop right here about the usual reasons of choosing organic soaps and skin care products.

Instead, I’m going to tell you what else you don’t know about naturally hand-made soaps. Is there really any difference between commercially produced soaps and soaps made by hand?

Cleanses the Senses

For starters, natural handcrafted bar of soap comes in a dizzying array of fresh, delicious, and sweet smells. Whether the great scent comes from essential oils, extracts, or herbs, they guarantee that the soap you get makes you feel and smell fresh, without chemicals.

Handmade all-natural soaps can be made into virtually any shape, and there are hundreds of artisanal soapers (people who create natural soaps) who can even make marshmallow scented ones, cake shaped ones, and squishy jello like ones.

Get it in Your Mouth Accidentally

Adult Eating Sour Expression
Getting your mouth washed out with soap was the ultimate punishment for swearing a long time ago. Obviously, humans and parenting has evolved and we no longer need to punish our children using soaps. Creative soapers want to offer you an experience in cleaning yourself from the inside out with strawberry infused soaps, cleansing bars made with wine, and washing up soaps with the goodness of cocoa.

That means (especially for households with young children) even if the organic soap is accidentally consumed orally, you won’t need to spew it up as organic soaps do not contain harmful chemicals.

So Humble Yet So Fancy

There’s nothing more luxurious than stepping into your bathroom, unwrapping a Patchouli handmade soap bar from its package (printed with Eco-Friendly ink in beautiful fonts and brand copy), running it under your tap and lathering up. You’re doing yourself a favour by washing up with ingredients that are natural, safe to use, and packed with other benefits.

Furthermore: let’s imagine the water leaving our premise, it ends up in oceans going back to our pristine oceans, with natural soaps, you are being kind to the oceans and all animals that live within it. Who knows, perhaps the whales that beach themselves are telling us something that we all need to pay close attention to. Be kinder to our natural environment as human family only has 1 home called “planet earth”.

Ingredients That You Can Pronounce

No one has the time nor vocabulary tongue twisting capability to say¬†hydroxymethylglycinate, so why bother putting it on our skin? In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s a crazy thing found in commercially produced soaps. In addition to being known for containing allergens, harsh chemicals strip precious oils and minerals away leaving your skin dry and chapped.¬†Because your skin becomes dry and stretched, you’ll have to buy even more products by the same company to combat the dryness such as skin moisturizers.

Natural organic products like hand cleansers and soaps are no-nonsense, which is probably why our grandparents were no-nonsense people, and us, not so much or you be the judge.

Probably the Best Soap Opera Star Forever

Handmade soaps have been around for millennia, and are one of the few products that will stand the test of time. Using widely available ingredients and created with basic tools and knowledge, handmade soap making as craft is enjoying a huge comeback and is steadily gaining a large share of the soap market, competing alongside factory produced soaps. Because they are just better.