Minor Diet Changes Can Mean The Major Health Difference

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All of us want to lead a healthier lifestyle but long term commitment for it is a difficult task. We want quick results and less effort, which is possible if we slightly change our lifestyle and diet a bit. These tiny efforts will give you good results and major difference in weight loss, active body and good metabolism can be observed within days.  These little changes when applied long term shows permanent and good results for weight loss, prevents weight gains and leads to a healthier lifestyle. That is why apply these simple changes in your life and diet and get quick results from your diet.

Proper and healthy diet is better than exercise and dieting when it comes to the long term approach as many people gain more weight when that quit exercise or diet plans. The minor changes in the diet can cause more benefits and difference than any other method.

Here are some tips which are not only very easy to carry for long term but the results are good as well. Therefore follow these tips to see a major difference on your body and weight.

Tips to change diet which results in major difference:

  1. Say NO to soda:

We don’t actually estimate how much calories does we intake daily only from the soda though our det. These sodas are not only effects your natural ability to digest food but also affect your metabolism and calcium storing ability of your body.

Soda is one of the major sources of sugar intake in your diet and just a single glass of soda exceeds the calorie limit per day. Therefore quitting soda can help you get right diet and healthy lifestyle as well.

  1. Smaller meals in short duration:

Many people believe that there must be 3 meals eaten each day but the truth is just opposite. Studies shows that consuming smaller meals with short interval of time helps you digest food better, burn the calories consumed and eventually losing weight. So design your diet of taking low calorie food after short interval and make the portions smaller as well. This will help you lose weight and shred inches as well.

  1. Include green tea in your diet:

The green tea has properties of boosting your metabolism, burning fats and better digestion. The green tea when consumed regularly and daily affects the body in active lifestyle once your metabolism if boosted. The studies have shown that people who consumes green tea daily tends to lose weight and prevents in weight gain.

  1. Eat lean meat and protein:

Protein is full of nutrition and also it emits a hormone in the brain called Leptin, which makes you feel full eating less food. The extra fats must be removed and add lean meat in the diet up to 2 to 3 servings per day. Meat and protein also helps you get more energy and improves your metabolism.

  1. Use whole grains instead of refine flour:

The whole grains are harder to break down in body which causes the body to use more energy; this process will help increase your metabolism as well as burn fats. Therefore the refined flour and products made from them must be replaced by the whole grains which are full of nutritions.

  1. Use fish and sea food:

Fish is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids which helps you boost your metabolism, good for body and helps building neuron in your brain. On the other hand all the sea food especially fish and shrimps have less calories per serving which fills your stomach by taking less calories. There are lots of recopies which can be made from fish and sea food and it is easy and quick to make as well. You can choose frozen sea food and fish as they are fresher than the one you found fresh, the frozen ones are packed and frozen right after they are catch.

  1. Avoid processed food:

Although there are hundreds of items available in market under the tag of processed food, but try to avoid it as they contain more calories than you think. All the processed food contains sugar and also lowers your metabolism.

  1. Use mustard instead of mayonnaise:

Mayonnaises are made from the old and contain more fats per serving than mustard. That is why mustard is a good alternative to spread or dip for mayonnaise.

  1. Drink more water:

Water has amazing qualities to boost your metabolism as it is related to hydration. When your body is less hydrated it has low metabolism as well, therefore a good amount of water consumed each day will help you achieve good metabolism, active life and healthier skin and body as all the organs works great with proper consumption of water.

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  1. Cook yourself:

Try to cook your meal yourself instead of dining out, eating packed cooked meals and ordering food from outside. This will help you watch and control your calories by yourself and therefore you can estimate your calorie and fat intake. Meals pre-prepared or cooked in restaurants contain more fats and calories than you think which is the major cause of obesity.

  1. Add salads to your diet:

The fresh and green vegetables are healthier eating options available. Once these are added to your diet will help you get more flavor, fiber and less calories per serving. On the other hand many types of salad can be made from fresh vegetable, but also try to avoid excessive dressings as they just add on more calories.

  1. Start your supper with soup:

Soups are good source of flavors and are easier to digest. When the dinner or any meal is started with soups it makes you feel fuller and your will eat less. The soups are good source of nutrients and helps in better digestion on the other hands soups are tasty and easily made. Try to cook your own soups rather than consume the tinned one.

Author: Aditya Singh, a blogger with more than 2 years of experience. He mostly consider health blogs as he loves to blog about them and keep you all healthy and fit. He also loves to travel different parts of world in mean time.