Healthier Meals Without Losing Taste

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Do you wish to prepare much healthier variations of your preferred dishes without actually missing the original taste? Don’t worry, here are a couple of suggestions that will assist you to adjust your preferred dishes to lessen the level of sugar, fat, calories, salt, and significantly increases the fibre without altering your regular diet.

Reduce fats

Go for dry frying and use an excellent non-stick pan when frying (e.g. in the case of mince). Excluding the oil might cut up to 45 calories per teaspoon in your meal. Include a little water if your food is drying, do not opt to include more oil. Use oils that are high in good fats (monounsaturated and poly fats), for example, olive oil, and attempt utilizing less than the recipe recommends.

Minimize salt

Salt is suggested to be included in the majority of dishes. Change salt with alternative flavorings such as herbs, pepper, lemon juice, spices, mustard or vinegar. Allow individuals to taste their own food and then season it – they will surely include less. You might be consuming more salt than you believe; find out just how much salt should actually remain in your food.

Reduce sugar

When you bake, most cakes will work even if the amount of sugar in the dish is cut in half. Go ahead and experiment by utilizing less sugar. Products such as fruit scones, fruit cakes, and tea bread can be prepared without coating with sugar as the dried fruit will supply sweet taste.

Boost fiber

Use brown options of pasta, bread, and rice to increase the fiber content of dishes. They will assist you to feel fuller for longer. Rather of utilizing all plain white flour in dishes, you can also choose to use a mix of wholemeal and plain flour when baking. You can likewise include porridge oats to make the dish crispy and include more fibre.

Soups and stews

Permit your soup, broth or stew to skim and cool off the fat that collects on top of the liquid. Changing a few of the standard fatty meats in stews with pulses like lentils, beans, and peas can conserve fat and calories. In addition, it will also help to include fibre.

Dips and sauces

Change sour cream and whole milk with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk or low-fat yoghurt. Low-fat yoghurt can be used in cold or hot puddings and in dips rather of cream, double cream or Greek yoghurt.


It is recommended to promote the use of highly flavored cheeses like fully matured cheddar or blue cheese in mouth-watering meals.  By using cheese, you can use less amount of artificial ingredients and still get all the flavour.

Eating healthy is usually learnt while we are growing up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t as adults learn new ways to cook for healthy living.

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